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How do I transfer calls on a Grandstream phone?

How do I transfer calls on a Grandstream phone?

There are two ways to transfer calls, namely Attended and Blind transfers.


Attended Transfers:

These are particularly handy when you need to speak to the transferee first (e.g.”John Smith is on the line, do you want me to put him through?”).


Step 1 - Place the caller on hold.

Step 2 - Establish a second call (to the person you want to transfer the call to) by pressing the second line on the phone and calling their extension/number.

Step 3 - Transfer the original call from Line 1 to Line 2, by clicking the ‘transfer’ button and then the 'Line 1' button.


If successful, the calls will end on your phone, and simply connect together!


Blind Transfers:

These transfers simply put the caller straight through to the destination, without having to speak with them first. The transferee’s phone will ring, and when they pick up they will be connected straight to the original caller.


Step 1 - Press the either the transfer button, or the soft ‘transfer’ key on the screen.

Step 2 - Dial the extension/number you wish to transfer the call to.

Step 3 - Press either the transfer button, or the soft ‘blind transfer’ key on the screen.


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